Thoughts on Pre-Season/Season 11 Itemization

WuksWuks Product Manager

As a long-time player, it's definitely possible that some of my opinions may be as a result of familiarity and comfort with the old, established system; however, I'd say that a lot of my grievances with the changes nearly a month into live balancing have to do with iterating down really unfun, low-risk, high-impact choices and gameplay.

Let's look at LeBlanc for instance. LeBlanc is a high-mobility, high-burst champion that can use that kit to also be high-poke. It's not fun when you can be full build and have Demonic Embrace + one other MR item (be it Banshees or Spirit Visage, etc), and with just 3 items, LeBlanc can safely dash in and throw 2 Q's and dash right back out, chunking you for nearly all of your health (or if you're an ADC, essentially nuking 100 to 0).

I don't know if it needed to be said, but AD assassin meta wasn't fun when Duskblade was released, and now AD assassins get an even stronger Duskblade (see Kha'Zix and other fun and engaging champions that benefit from 1.5s of invisibility and damage reset) and AP Assassins get more consistent burst added to their kit.

While assassins can completely eliminate a squishy champion every 15 seconds or so, or while Krakken slayer ADCs can dominate mid/top, I don't really see certain picks as being viable; whereas in prior seasons, they were off-meta, I feel that in this season, they are nearly irrelevant or even detrimental. A lot of AP caster mids feel this way, and a lot of previously decent jungle picks will simply be unable to clear.

But those are just some of my early thoughts. How are you folks faring in the new season? What are you liking/disliking?

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