The Road So Far

WuksWuks Product Manager

As a quick recap of what I've been up to-

Since the New Year, we've rolled out a few backend changes on the site. Most prominently, we've completed the transition from to, ensuring services such as login/registration, ReCaptcha/anti-spam, redirects, and site links are working effectively. There were a few of these services that were temporarily broken due to domain scoping issues, but those have been fixed.

Additionally, I did notice some intermittent database downtime, and after a quick review of the logs, some of the server resources were capping out; so a quick re-allocation of server resources has hopefully resolved the issue, at least based on the past two weeks of reviewing error and access logs on the daily.

Finally, as a commitment to protecting your information, we've added more server security redundancies and measures, and have created stricter measures that aggressively block bad actors.

With much of the backend built out and stable, we'll move to transition into more frontend/front-facing projects.



Velzard Of Koz


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