Tough Scars made me uninstall

I made an account just to talk about this bogus card interaction that MAKES ZERO SENSE...

My opponent built their entire deck around a card interaction that should not even function.

While this is not a new deck archetype, I hadn't seen a lot of this deck. My opponent played scargrounds with a Scarmaiden Reaver, granting it Tough with a leveled up Vlad. When I saw this, my first thought was, "Okay, so he'll drain some health from my nexus without damaging his units. Strong plays, but I'm still in this. Imagine my shock and utter disgust with the designers of this game when his scar units proceeded to receive their damaged buffs WHEN THEY WERE TAKING NO ACTUAL DAMAGE TO FULFILL THE CONDITION OF GETTING SAID BUFF!! This is ridiculous. No matter how you might try to explain this, the cards read strictly literally as written should make this impossible. I'm done with your shoddy aggro frenzy clown fiesta of a game, Riot. Let me know when this is FIXED as it obviously has to be a LONG- STANDING BUG. AN ERROR!

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