I Had a great time But...

OK guys i enjoyed the game since beta. I even though that was better than hearthstone but the game now is too time consuming . Some things i want to tell and the reason why i left the game. First of all i am a player that i have all the cards of the game most of the boards, card pacts, minions. I have spend alot of money for cosmetics and you will see why i tell it .

First of all i enjoyed the gameplay better than hearthstone but the game now is tooo much time consuming, what i mean by that. each day a player to have the maximum XP of the day needs to complete his daily quest also win 3 pvp games and 3 games in lab of legends. So he can earn the max FREE XP exept from the Xp that he gain from victories and gameplay. that means that you need to do at least 6 wins and be lucky so you have completed your daily quest. Each match takes about from 20 minutes to 40 minutes you will need at least 120 minutes with 6 wins in a row if you are lucky.

Secondly the game releases all the time new cosmetics that are optional but for people like me that we love this things means that we have to spend at least 50 to 100 euros per months for cosmetics if we want to have a complete collection

Third. The prismatic quest are the worst Why should i play the gauntlet or the expendition again and again even if i dont like this modes to get the prismatic rewards? I dont like expedition neither i like the gauntlet but i have each month to spend days. to spend all the mana that requires , do all the games that it needs and after that do 10 wins .

LAB OF LEGENDS the worst thing ever. I enjoyed it so much when it released and i had with all heroes 3 or more wins and their icons and now? The balance is ruined The enemies are overpowered they have an answer to everything, and I have managed to win in 6 heroes in hard mode but it is because of luck not because i made a good deck and i had a good strategy.

New prismatic quest. OK we had the 20 labs quest that needed to play in labs 20 games. That was fantastic. WHY??? AND WHY???? did you change it to spend in lab 400 mana and after that spend in lab 250 cards? What were you thinking.. I spend 6 hours playing in lab to reach the 400 mana and i spend 2 more hours to reach 150 cards and i didnt even finish it i just delete the game. If i wanted to play 8 hours straight you should have pay me for working on a game a full time job ... I know it is a 2 weeks quest but it is so much.

The events are one of my worst first of all if you want all the rewards you have to pay, it isnt matter if you spend 2-3 weeks in this thing you should pay. And the quest in the events. Level up this champion 5 times or others 25 times. PLay in the mode 10 times , spend 500 mana in other mode GUYS that you create this thing. We want to chill in the game not having it as a full time job.

And lastly As i mention i have all the cards of the game the balance of the game is awfull there are days that i can win straigh with one deck and get 10 wins straigh and the next day with the same deck the RNG sucks that i cant get even one win. And i speak for the Lyssandra/tryndle deck that is in the meta right now and also the Thresh/ nasus Deck.. Make the RNG better it is not logical that with those 2 decks one day i get only wins and the other day only defeats.

GOod bye to everyone. I have a great time but now it is time for me to stop.

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