Honest feedback on LoR

I've been playing this game for a while now and I notice that this game is kinda unfair in most circumstances.

First of all, the starting hand. when you select the starting cards to have them replaced, most of the time, same cards come up as the replacement. so why bother replace it in the first place? (i know about the probability)

Secondly, some cards cost too much mana and some cards cost too little. Yes, i know there have been nerfs and buffs over the past updates. but still.

Some decks are too STRONG (meta decks you see in the top leaderboard). it's so uncreative to just play the same decks that everyone plays. the developers should make all decks competitive, not just some newly added decks.

Not to mention emotes spamming, there should be a button to mute all emotes in the setting, so we dont have to mute it EVERY SINGLE GAME!!!

Also, when you are building your own deck, sometimes you mis-click the wrong card on the left panel and it goes back to the card pool, but you have no recollection what that card was, so now you're gonna have to spend some time looking for the missing card. there should be a undo button where you can go a step back before you mess something up.

There's a lot more to mention but i think i should stop here. In my opinion, every deck or build should be viable in competitive calibre. otherwise you just face the same old meta deck again and again.

Anyway, this is the last time I involve myself with this game. no more. uninstalled. disappointed.

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