Path of Champions sound is messed up!

Ok first of all I wanna say, holy shit this game mode is a beast!

I believe this could be the birth of a new genre or at least sub-genre, marrying the best of 2D adventure games with beautiful artwork like Discword with a TCC.

I am absolutely in love with this game mode, however, 2 things are really dragging down the fun at the moment: None of my favorite heroes (obviously there are limits and more will probably added, so it's a temporary complaint) and the sound is a bit of a mess.

Now yes, I have a sound system with very high dynamic range, but the SFX volume is just insane by default. Left at max, all sounds are fine, except for those explosions like lvlups, exploding nexus etc completely blow up my headphones, so I have to drop the slider all the way to 30%. More volume mixing options PLEASE!

The bigger issue appears to be more of a bug. When you traverse the PoC maps, there is a loud-ish highway- or wind-type noise, which seems fine at least for some of the maps, but when entering battles, the noise stays, sometimes it even stays when I leave the game mode so that this noise keeps playing in all other game modes and even menus.



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