A Lethal Masquerade((Ask Jhin))

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So one of my favorite things to do on the boards was roleplay Jhin in the roleplay section. However, internal conflicts and the like forced me out of that community. I've been in a rut since then. But now the boards are gone, and so are the ones who made me feel miserable roleplaying. So here I am. Or, rather, here Jhin is, to answer your questions and interact with you once more. I do have some guidelines though.

This thread is mostly for main universe Jhin. However, if you are asking a different Jhin a question, please make that clear. Examples would be "Dear Jhin, what's it like in the Blood Moon Cult?" or "Howdy Jhin. How high is your bounty, and do you get along well with the other outlaws of the wild west?"

Please format your question like you're writing Jhin a letter and don't approach him in an actual roleplay scenario unless we discussed something beforehand(you can find me in the Lore of League Discord or on Discord in general @4 Step Cadence#6961).

When talking OOC(out of character), please type in brackets or something so that I know. ((Like this, for example.))

That's all! Now...



... Our performance begins.



  • Do you enjoy Sona's music?

  • Would you respect jinx if she had 4 guns?

  • JikkerJikker Moderator

    {{Hey, glad to see some actual RPing going on. Hopefully Kriz will be by to help get this place into shape using the mod tools, but if there's anything I can do to help, let me know. I tried to RP once, maybe I should try again....(I was terrible at it)}}

    So Jihn, I do have a question for you. As I have been hearing of the stories of your time in Ionia, performing for the Kinkou and the more...shadowy of their kind...I do have to wonder, is your art or your audience more important to you? For what is art without an audience to appreciate it and what good is an audience if there is no performance or art for them to admire?

  • Ionia, early morning.

    The light of the rising sun had been enveloped by a curtain of clouds for a few hours now, and a fine mist of rainwater fell over the land. The tiny droplets made the most delicate pitter-patter against the massive leaves that severed as the inn's roof. As they gathered, they trickled down the grooves in the bark, sounding not too different from a tiny creek or waterfall.

    Jhin had been up for approximately 4 hours, as he found the sounds fitting for his morning mediation. He had just finished up and now found himself sitting at the window, his arms resting on the windowsill and his head resting on them, his azure eyes watching the morning mist creep along the treetops. He took in a few deep breaths, the smell of the moistened land relaxing him. Yet, it was also a reminder of someone. The only one who ever understood.

    The sound of footsteps approaching the curtain of flowers that made up the door to his room pierced through his thoughts, though they didn't worry him. There was only one person who knew to avoid the bells that severed as his alarms. And, right on cue, the curtain parted, and a face covered by a bone white fox mask peered in.

    "Yes, Lady Jade?" Jhin asked in a melancholic tone as he turned to face the masked woman.

    Lady Jade entered the room, letting the curtain fall behind her. "I have some letters for you. 4, to be precise. One is an assignment, and the other 3 from some si- I mean... Curious individuals."

    Jhin was intrigued. It had been a long time since the cabal had allowed him to receive "fan mail," as they called it. He got up from his spot by the window and walked over to Lady Jade, retrieving the letters before going to the writing desk by his bed. He opened the first letter and read it, letting out a light chuckle as he did.

    "Oh Sona... How I despise you," he said in a sing song voice as he wrote his reply.

    To the inquisitive Laughing Fish,

    No, I do not find the works of Sona Buvelle enjoyable, though there is more to it than my unwillingness to share the spotlight. You see, her music has a rather... Unique effect on the people who hear it. It tugs at the heartstrings, making you one with its melody, and making you feel the way the music wants you to feel.

    It was at the Blossom Festival in Jyom Pass where I first had the misfortune of hearing Sona's music. She had been brought there to perform a piece celebrating my capture, and to pay respect to my victims. I tried to avoid her, but the song pulled me in, and for a brief moment, I felt genuine empathy for all those I had hurt.

    I hope you find this answer satisfactory.

    ~ Khada Jhin

    He rolled up the parchment and placed it off to the side, exactly 4 inches away, before opening the next letter. The question caused his eyes to roll, and caused him to let out an exhausted and frustrated sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

    He grabbed another piece of parchment and dipped his quill in the inkwell, tapping it on the rip 4 times to shake of the excess before writing his reply.

    To CaptainAntiHeroz,

    To put it simply, no, I would not. I know of Jinx, and have met her before, and I can tell you that no amount of guns will ever make her deserving of my respect or attention. She is no artisan. Her guns are not brushes or chisels or pestles or quills. They are not means to make art, only to make a mess. Giving her more would only allow her to make a mockery of my craft even more.

    ~ Khada Jhin

    He once again rolled up the parchment and placed it 4 inches away. He then retrieved the final letter from his adoring fans, and to his surprise, it was a rather fascinating one.

    Jhin closed his eyes and hummed to himself, taking the question into careful consideration before writing his reply.

    To the adoring Jikker,

    I am glad you have heard of me and my works, my darling, and I find your question to be quite intriguing.

    Simply put, I value the art more than the audience. Having an audience is nice, and I do crave the attention of an adoring crowd, but an artist must learn not to expect an audience for every performance, just as I have.

    For a long time I acted in secrecy, unable to return to my projects to be among those that found them. Sometimes they would be found shorty after, others not for days. I can tell you for a fact that there were some that were never found. During that time, I made the art for myself, as I knew I was the only one that saw it that way. Knowing that those who gazed upon it would be disturbed and scarred forever.

    These days I am expected to have an audience, as I am a puppet being controlled by the strings of my employer's political agenda. I exist to set an example, to instill terror in the hearts of those who dare appose my employer. And yet, I couldn't care less, for all I have ever cared for is the art.

    ~ Khada Jhin

    By now, the rain had been replaced by the sounds of birds, and the clouds replaced with the golden light of the early morning sun. As Jhin rolled up the final parchment, he grabbed the other 2. He stood up and walked over to Lady Jade, handing them over to her in silence. Then, without a word, she was gone, and Jhin was alone with the 4th scroll. He took it over to the bed, sitting down and reading through the details of his next assignment with a cruel smile on his face.

    ((Unfortunately, Kriz was one of the reasons I stopped roleplaying on the old boards. Actually, I found that entire roleplaying community to be quite unpleasant to be around for a variety of reasons. I would likely continue to roleplay here even if anyone from there did show up, though I cannot say I would enjoy it.))

    Laughing FishCaptainAntiHeroz
  • What an honor to happen upon you here, Jhin. I have been meaning to ask more about your plans across the seas. What sorts of improvements are you looking to make to your work using the tech available in Piltover and Zaun?

    Also, deepest condolences that you weren't able to see the performance between Shen and Zed before you left Nanthee. I heard it was a real bruiser.

  • (Hm, that's news to me, we never interacted in character, and barely interacted out of character either. If I've done something bad I'm unaware of, I sure do apologize!)

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    This was fun while it lasted, the whole 4 minutes that it did. Thanks Kriz.

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    4 minutes

    I see what you did there.

    Also, I wasn't aware roleplaying was a thing here too. Hopefully the rules are more lax than on the boards in terms of who gets characters.

    Laughing Fish
  • A damn shame the performance ended so soon, but it's got me inspired to perhaps try my own hand at roleplaying. I'm more of a prose writer myself, but I've rp'd before on various platforms. Might try it out here.

  • JikkerJikker Moderator

    {{Kriz did apologize. Maybe you two can chat together to create a roleplay experience that works for both of you? I really want to see this community grow but I know I'm not the one to do that.}}

  • OzzieOzzie Member

    Dear Jhin,

    What's your opinion on the boards 4 uppvote/ downvote meme (if you know what that is), and how do you feel now that the old boards are gone and the new ones lacking an upvote/ downvote count?

    From a curious fan who wishes to only die by your masterful hands

  • Salutation Khada Jhin~

    Your work utterly facinates me, and it always has this air of mystery to it.

    Mind scratching my curiosity?

    How do you go about your work? Where do your inspirations lie? What is your daily routine when you aren't working on art?

    Yours truly, not the navori brotherhood.


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