All my old concepts

Tbh...this still kind of feels like a slap in the face from Riot. I know its noone's fault on here, but i'm not too fond of them right now. Anyway, I backed up all my old concepts onto my google drive, which I am fine leaving here. Please feel free to check them out...some of you may have seen them. Most of you probably havent.

As for me...i'm gonna go ahead and stay on a nice hiatus. Riot has disowned us all, so I see no reason at this time to show any further support towards their game. I may see you all again when I feel less butthurt about them and their ghetto ass MINORITY of staff members that decided to remove the boards...but until then, i'll leave my relics here and be done with it.


  • SkooSkoo Member

    A lot of cool ideas in hear, to bad riot needs to release some other cancerous champion instead ?

  • Glad you backed all these up. Even if they end up going nowhere, it is good to not let your past work and creativity be forgotten.

  • JikkerJikker Moderator

    Holy cow those are quite a few concepts! Glad you were able to save them. I'll definitely take a longer read when I have the time and I do hope that you will come back to our community when you feel a bit better about things.

  • Damn... I never thought I'd see your name under a forum again. I took a break from boards in mid 2019 to focus on some irl things, and it's truly disheartening to see it just straight up disappear, with pratically no replacement anywhere on the web. I'm really glad you still have access to those files; I lost access to all of mine because of my hiatus and also the lost of access to my google drive after graduating.

    It seems just like yesterday when I discovered the concepts & creations tab under the forum, and it really was the only non-toxic subforum of league of legends (lmao). Upon entering the subforum, I remember being overwhelmed by the passion behind each and every concept ranging from fan art to champion concept to even completely animated introduction for their champion concept (I forgot the name of the creater, but he truly is a madman lol). When I first commented in a champion concept (not sure if it was yours or Mr. Voidling's), I came off as overly critical and probably very bad mannered. You guys, however, patiently explained the champion you envisioned and how that might differ from my perspective. Eventually, you two, along with another amazing fellow who I forgot the name of (he had Shurima as his icon), guided me through my own creations whether it's the lore, the kit, or even some numbers that only us nerds would care about.

    There are few things that can be compared to having 8 champion wiki pages open simultaneously and comparing their base numbers and scalings, or scrolling through art websites for hours to search for that one perfect character concept Runeterra is missing, and then spending an entire afternoon to grind out a champion concept that might not even get a single comment. To you, I might just be another creator who used LoL boards. To me, You are one of the few people who showed me the definition of a dedicated fanbase. These community members loved the game for its characters and world design more than the few lps you can be rewarded for actually playing the game. It's like reading Shakespeare and appreciating the ingenuity within every line rather than just the story itself.

    It still bewilders me how Riot just archieved the entire boards without even setting up a pull or some sort of notification in the client, as if it doesn't matter. I highly doubt it would cost much to keep the website going, especially when the mods are just dedicated community members. Even if it does have a small cost, Riot Games is a freaking multi-billion company who often makes events that are supposed to "appeal to their player base". As a company who claims to care for its consumers, it's just insane to archive the epitome of its fan creation, and it really leads me to question whether they really care for us players, or they just want us to buy skins to make a bigger profit.

    All in all, I wish you the best wherever you go. I doubt you still visit this website, but I still wanted to leave a message, perhaps just for myself. For the one year I spent under the concepts & creations subforum, it was incredibly fun, and I was unbelievably privileged to be surrounded by all these people who are as passionate as I am. With the forum down it seems like there's nowhere for us to go, and although that's such a underwhelming and unfair ending to this dedicated fanbase, there's little for us to do...

  • Why keep a forum alive and spend money on it, when you can have one totally for free? Especially one where everyone kisses your ass?

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