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These rules apply to any and all categories unless otherwise noted by a category specific guideline.  

The TL;DR Version

  • Always respect others and their opinions, regardless of rank, status, or background
  • Don’t spam or post excessively
  • Be constructive with posts and advice
  • Make sure all content is SFW and passes the “Evelynn/Varus” test
  • Don’t post anything illegal or malicious, including web links

The Long Version

The Good

  • Treat Others as You Want to be Treated - Always remain respectful of community members, players, and moderators.

  • Posting Etiquette - When you post on the forums, it is important to be constructive while remaining respectful of other posters’ points of view.  People are more likely to listen to your perspective if you present yourself in a calm, well thought out manner. While criticism is an important and useful method of feedback, it must be constructive in nature when posted on the forums. Examples of non-constructive forms of criticism include questioning another poster's intelligence or requesting the removal or firing of an individual.  If you find yourself in a confrontation, don’t get caught up in trying to have the last word, but gracefully exit the conversation.

  • Jokes - Know when a joke is no longer a joke.  If someone asks you to stop, respect their request and stop.  Remember that joking around with your friends is a lot different than making a glib remark at a complete stranger, so take a moment to consider if your remarks could be taken in a way you didn’t intend and seek to clarify your message before sending it.

  • Give Constructive Advice - Seek to offer constructive advice in a civil and friendly manner, and understand that things you find obvious about the game, the behavior system, or the community may not be obvious to others. Have patience and try to help the player reach a better understanding. At the same time, don’t be discouraged if they aren’t receptive. Some small percentage of players won’t want to listen to your advice, no matter how politely you try to lend a hand. In these situations, simply exit the conversation gracefully.

  • Spoilers - Nobody likes spoilers for their favorite movies, books, T.V. shows, and other media.  Always make sure that any spoilers are placed underneath spoiler text boxes and that the content clearly indicates that it contains spoilers.

The Bad

  • Insults - Content intended to insult, harass, belittle, disrespect, or intentionally offend other community members as individuals or as groups is not tolerated. If you wish to joke with a friend, be sure to tag them appropriately and refer to our rule about jokes going too far.

  • Rank Shaming - Comments that shame or belittle another poster based on rank, champion main, playstyle, game mode, or match history are not permitted.  Using rank as a discussion point is acceptable, but only when NOT done at the expense of that particular rank’s player’s intelligence, ability or acceptability as a player. 
    • Acceptable: “Silver as a whole has a harder time responding to mid roaming and struggle to understand that it can have a really devastating effect on bot lane”
    • Not Acceptable: “Silver players are so bad they cannot understand the effect mid roaming has on bot lane” Not Acceptable: “Silver players are so bad they cannot understand the effect mid roaming has on bot lane” 

  • Spam - Spamming or trolling on the forums is not permitted which includes the following:
    • Posting content not related to the discussion.
    • Posting the same discussion or comment repeatedly or across multiple categories
    • Posts designed to bait negative conversation or falsify content
    • Posting excessive emojis/ icons or creating walls of the same text
    • Repeatedly bumping your own thread without adding meaningful content or other community participation.

  • Necromancy - Threads that are more than 1 month old that are bumped without adding meaningful content or are of relevant context will be considered necro’d and subject to closures.

  • Pejorative Language - Any language that is discriminatory or offensive when used negatively in regards to an individual or concept will not be permitted.  Examples include but are not limited to:
    • “retarded” or “retard”
    • “autistic”
    • “jew”
    • “gay”.

  • Call-out Threads - Threads that start witch hunts or negatively portray another player are not allowed.  Content that is not deliberately calling out another player does not need to be censored.  For example, a screenshot of a post-game lobby showing your good score does not need to have names censored, but an image of chat where a player is toxic does need the name censored.

  • Promoting Rule Violations - Do not post content advocating or soliciting violations of Riot Games’ Terms of Use, the League of Legends’ Summoner’s Code, or the Runeterra Community Rules.

  • Account, Product, or Service Promotion - Advertising product sales, trading, reward programs, gifting of any kind, or transactional services offered by individuals or companies is not permitted.  This includes asking other posters to gift you any content in Riot Games products.

  • Inappropriate Names - Usernames may not contain any content that violates the Global Rules.  Examples include names that contain or reference mature content, racial slurs, hate speech, or pejorative language.

  • Personal Information - Protect your privacy and the privacy of others!  Do not post personal information belonging to yourself or someone else. The sole exception is for streams/fan pages/names belonging to individuals who have opted to reveal this information to the public. This information includes:
    • Real life names
    • Phone numbers
    • Facebook profiles.  
    • E-mail addresses
    • Physical addresses

The Ugly

  • Mature Content - Do not post content that is mature or sexual in nature.  This includes but is not limited to 
    • Suggestive or explicit images
    • Images or descriptions of sexual acts
    • Pornographic or otherwise NSFW material
    • Depictions or descriptions of real life gore, death, violence, or horrific acts
  • If you are unsure if your material is appropriate, follow the standard rule “If a body part is covered in Evelynn or Varus’s splash arts, it should be covered in your art”. Bloody or gory images should also not exceed what would be seen in official League media.  You may always check in with a moderator on the Discord, or private message function on the forum to determine if your content is appropriate for the forums.

  • Hate Speech - Do not use hate speech, racial slurs, or any language that discriminates based on race, gender orientation, sex, religion, age, or lifestyle choice.

  • Self-Harm - Content that encourages others to harm themselves or wishes ill upon another group/person is strictly not permitted.  This includes jokes about self-harm or posting content stating you will harm yourself. If you are considering self-harm, please be aware that these forums are unable to provide trained assistance in these matters and we encourage you to seek help with a trained professional.

  • Threats - Posts that threaten acts of violence or wish acts of violence on another individual or group will not be tolerated.

  • Illegal Material - Discussing illegal acts or promoting anything that violates real world laws will never be permitted.

  • Impersonation - Do not impersonate other posters, players, Rioters, or moderators.

Failure to adhere to these rules will lead to temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges. If you have questions about the rules or need clarification, you may contact the Moderation Team via the Discord or in the Site Feedback category.

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